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We are looking for a Janitor that has commercial cleaning experience.

Routinely wipes down any shared surfaces with alcohol to sterilize facility, including, but not limited to: door handles, light switches, break room tables, microwaves, refrigerators, the hand sanitize dispensers, bathrooms fixtures, etc.)
Cleans, mops, sweeps, sanitizes production rooms, inspection area, production floors and surrounding manufacturing areas.
Cleans, mops, sweeps, sanitizes, and vacuums offices, cubicles, hallways, and stairs-ways.
Cleans, dusts, and wipes windows, mirrors, countertops, and other furniture using dust mittens, cloths or other hand-cleaning items.
Observes and ensures the production floor is clean, free of oil and water spills to prevent slips/falls and other injuries.

$17.50 – $19.50 por hora


Robinson Pharma
Santa Ana, CA